The human body is an extremely sophisticated performance machine and like every machine will have wear and tear and break downs.  At times,  the body may just require a tune up and at others  it  may  require  a  full  healing.  No  matter  what  the  cause, emotional,  mental,  physical  or  spiritual  and the resultant dis-ease,  at  “Look Beyond”,  we  help you find the solution and put a healing in place.


Therapies Conducted

Look Beyond Cancer Healing Skin Rejuvenation Immune Booster
De-stress Enhancing Concentration and Memory Emotional De-stress
Look Beyond Detox Anti Depression General Body Healing
Aura Healing Aura Balancing Chakra Balancing Chakra Healing
Healing With Angels Business Healing Aura Cleansing
House Energy Healing Aura Balancing Chakra Balancing
Look Beyond Specialized Healing for Specific Problems




Words like stress and burnouts have become a regular part of the corporate vocabulary.  Today, not just in the corporate sector, these words are permeating into houses as well.  The words are an indicator  of  the  problems being faced by most people on a day to day basis.  Look Beyond has designed a series of retreats to tackle just such issues.



Stress is a part of our daily life, whether at the workplace or at home.   The hectic  pace of life constantly pushes us to stretch our selves beyond  normal  limits.  In  this  carefully  structured  retreat  our  target  is  to  help  you  de-stress  and also to train you to manage your stress levels yourself so that you can enjoy a fulfilled life.



Like any high performance machine,  the human body is deeply connected to its own super computer, the mind. It is fuelled by its spirit or soul.  This  retreat is designed  to  tune up  the mind, body and soul, thereby preventing a burn out from occurring at any stage of life.



What  does one do when  one  has  suffered  a  burn  out  already?  This  retreat is designed  to recharge  yourself  in  a  complete holistic  manner  and at the same time impart to you the secrets of preventing such an event from re-occurring in your life, ever.



Your well being depends on all elements of your mind, body and soul achieving perfect harmony  and  balance.  This is a retreat uses a variety of healing techniques like massages, reflexology and meditation, to balance all the chakras  and  bring  the  whole body in harmony. A must do for modern day professionals who wish to achieve a work life balance.



(Only  for  select  advanced  students or at the discretion of the Grand Master)
A retreat to take you on a journey exploring other higher dimensions, connecting with your lineage,meeting with the ascended masters, and a total balancing and opening of the chakras.