Look Beyond  is  teaching  a  varied number of courses  which  are  designed  to  teach  you  how  to  “self help”  i.e., heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. They are also geared to launch you on to the career path of being a healer or a teacher if that is your inclination.

Here is a list of Healing  courses  that  we  teach,  which can help you in the path of self healing and if you desire to help and heal others.

Innergised Person Making Miracles Colour Healing
Kabbalah Crystal Therapy Sound Healing
Angel Healing Energy Healing Etheral Reiki
Mudras Spiritual Healing Aroma Therapy
Reflexology Art of Self Healing Anti Burnout Retreat



The seat of power is the mind. Control your mind, you control your destiny.  Imagine if you could actually connect with a higher power  that  could  guide  you  to  make the  correct  decisions in your life. Imagine having a guide who actually knows what lies ahead, who can point you to success, happiness and fulfillment you  deserve. We were sent here to planet earth with a purpose and  with  the  internal resources to succeed.  But we need to learn to tap into these resources.

Duration: 2 + 1/2 days



Most of us walk away with a feeling that we have not gotten what we deserve.  Learn to use the  magic of the  universe to make miracles happen for you. “Be your own MIRACLE MAKER”

Duration: 2 days



Color healing is also known  as  chromo  therapy / healing.  It  is  the  therapeutic  use  of  specific  colors.  Color,  the  only  visible element  of  the  energy  spectrum  has a tremendous effect on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It dominates our  lives  and  influences  our  moods and  behavior.  Learn to use the power of color to heal yourself, balance your chakras and create a happy healthy environment.

Origin: Color has always been an important part of  most  ancient  cultures  throughout  the  world.  Healers   all  over  the  world worked   with   color. A  lot  of   the  older  tribes  even  adopted  particular  colors  for  their  properties. Historically, the origins of healing  with  color  in  Western  civilizations  can  be  traced  back to the mythology of Ancient Egypt and Greece.

History: The use of color in healing is not new. It has a long history. Color healing or therapy, as it is now called, is the rediscovery of  some  of  the  principles  and  practices  known  since  the  earliest  times. We  don’t realize the importance of color, especially towards our health and well-being.

Duration: 2 days



Kabbalah is an ancient  discipline / way of life  which  integrates  the  power of color with the  angels and ties them with the tree of life – thus  empowering  us  to discover our life path and to reach our soul’s highest potential. The tree of life, with its sephiras and the  paths,  gives  us  the  knowledge  of how the universe works and the laws  by  which  it  influences  us.  We learn how to become one with the force that govern the universes and gets us to the point of revelation of the divine energy, the all inclusive law of nature.

Origin:  According to tradition, God gave Angel Raziel a book containing sacred knowledge – SepherRaziel, to give to Adam and Eve.  This book contained sacred knowledge: 72 branches of wisdom that  revealed the formation of 670  inscriptions  of  higher mysteries. In the middle of the book  was  a  secret writing explaining 1500 keys to the universe. This was the basis of the Kabbalah.

History: Kabbalah is not a single book but a set of books or  teachings. There are two texts – The  Zohar (Book  of Splendour) and The  SepherYetzirah  (Book of Formation).  The  SepherYetzirah,  written  around  the  3rd century AD by Abraham (however the authorship  is  not  certain),  is  the  foundation  stone  of  the  Kabbalah. It  talks  about  the  Divine  energy  giving birth to the 10 Sephiroth (vessel).  Each  Sephirah  represents  an  energy  signature  and  all  of  them  are connected by 22 paths of knowledge.

These form the Tree of Life.  Each  Sephirah is one element of God, not infinite but manifesting infinity within itself. The  spheres are  not  separate  or self-contained but interlinked.  Together they form the knowledge of how to understand the universe and be one with the divine.

Duration: 7 days



Crystal Therapy Crystals being natural conductors of energy  are  very  valuable and helpful allies in helping us heal ourselves as well  as  help  others  heal  themselves.  This  course  teaches  one  to  work  with  crystals  for  self-growth,  healing at mental and physical level as well as goal setting and achievement.  Crystals  have  been  used  by  healers  since  ancient  times and by many different cultures. Over the last few decades or so there has been a major revival in this ancient  healing  art.  Crystals  are  highly powerful  and  effective tools for healing as they contain a number of  special properties and interact with  us in  many  different ways.  Each  crystal  has  a  unique  vibration  which  is  a  resultant  of  its  color,  chemical  composition and inner and outer form.
Crystals also have a distinct orderly structure which allows them to absorb, reflect, transform  and  balance  energies.  Basically a crystal  can  adapt  healing  energies  in  infinite  ways.  It is important to choose the crystals correctly and  identify  one  personal crystal with  which  you  do y our  grounding  and  self-development. Once a crystal has  been chosen then it should  be cleaned and activated or energized.

Origin:  Crystals  have  been  believed  to  have  been  used  by  the Lemuria  as  well  as  the  Atlantis  civilizations.  The  Lemurian civilization is supposed to have predated  the  Atlantean,  and  was  generally  believed  to  have  existed  about 12 million  years ago somewhere between the American continent and Australia. Whereas Atlantis was technologically advanced and warlike in nature,  L emuria  was peaceful and highly developed spiritually. While  concrete  physical  evidence of these ancient continents may be difficult to find it is believed that the evolution of both  the  civilizations  was an extrusion  of 4-D consciousness into the 3-D plane, they lived in the 4th dimension and  their source of energy was crystals. They used crystals for everything from being a source of energy to power generation.

History:  The  earliest  records  of  crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. The Ebers papyrus states the medicinal uses of many different  gems.  Healing  with  crystals  is  also  recorded  in  India’s  Ayurvedic  records and in traditional Chinese medicine from around five thousand years ago.

Duration: Level 1: 2 days, Level 2: 2 days, Level 3: 5 days



Universal Energy,  the most  powerful  healer and the source  of  life on this  universe manifests itself in a number of ways, sound being one of them.  Sound is not just a healer,  it is also one of the most powerful  forms of communications.  Communication is the  fundamental  basis  of  every  society  or  culture.  Every  culture  or  society  has its own  traditions and truths that have been passed on through the power of words.  The power  of  words,  sound and music have been used to create changes, evolve and grow. Even in the New  Testament in the  Book of John he states  –  “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and The Word was God”.  Sound  has  always  been  considered  a  direct  link  between  us  and  the  divine.  Chanting  as well as Singing has always been considered a way to reach God. The  human  body is controlled by the 7 main  chakras and each of the chakra  is  vibrating  to  a  sound  frequency.  In fact  the  whole  body  including the organs vibrate to certain frequencies. Hence Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body / mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.

Origin:  Sound is  perhaps  the  earliest form of healing  used  by  humans on the planet.  The Apaches have a creation myth that tells of healing coming onto Earth when humans heard the first song from  the  heavens.  Shamans  and  medicine  people in all indigenous cultures used (and still use) chant, drums and rattles in their healing rituals.  Ancient  Aboriginal cultures of Australia believe the didgeridoo was used to sound the world into existence. Even in the  New  Testament  in  the  Book of John he states- “In the beginning was the  Word  and  the  Word  was with God and The Word was God”. Also in the Old Testament, David plays the harp to ease  King  Saul’s  depression,  and ancient Hellenic culture has a record of the flute being played to cure sciatica and gout.

History:  In 1550 in Pavia,  Italy,  Girolamo Cardano, a  physician,  mathematician  and  astrologer,  noticed  how sound was being perceived  through  the  skin.  In 1553  in  Padua,  Italy, H. Capivacci, a  physician,  noticed  that  this  knowledge  of  sound  being perceived  through  the  skin  might  be  used  as a diagnostic  tool  for  differentiating  between hearing disorders located in the middle  ear  or  in  the  acoustic  nerve.   In  1684, German  physician  G. C. Schelhammer  tried  using  a  common  cutlery  fork  to enhance  the  experiments  that  Cardano and Capivacci were working on. In 1711 in England, Royal trumpeter and luteist, John Shore,  created  the  first  tuning  fork.  At that time,  he  lovingly and jokingly called it a pitch fork. It was made of steel and had a pitch of A423.5.

Duration: 2 days



The Word Angel means “Messengers of God”.  They  are  pure and Divine Souls / Beings  who are there to help you in every area of your life. They carry messages from the Divine to you. Angels love everybody unconditionally and are not judgemental in the least. Angels come in all forms shapes and sizes.  There  are  messenger  Angels,  who  convey  the  Divine messages to us. Other Angels support and comfort us in times of despair and distress. Then we all have  Guardian  Angels  who  are  with  us  from  the time  we  are  born  and  never  leave  our  side.  Angels  help  everybody  who  calls  them.  Their  help  is  “free of charge”, always available and unconditional with no catches.

Origin: Angels have been mentioned in a number of religions  but  have  no  religion;  they  are  unconditional  beings,  who  are there to help irrespective of your faith or belief.  Whether  it  is  Judaism, Islam or Christanity there has been a mention of Angels, who have acted as  messengers  or  protectors.  Infact  it  was  the  Archangel  Gabriel  (Gibril) who dictated the Koran to Prophet Mohammed. The Bible mentions four Archangels. Similarly, the  devas  in  Hinduism  are  the  same  as  angels. So  even  though some  religions  may  use a term other than Angel, they are essentially speaking of the same divine beings made of pure energy.

History: The earliest mention of angels is in the Bible and then the Quoran.

Duration: 3 days



The vital principle or animating force  within  living  beings  is  energy. This energy links us to the Cosmos / Universe as there is a common creator of the Universe \ Cosmos, its just that different people have different names for it – God,  The  Higher  Being  or Energy. This same Energy tapped is the healing power, that resides in all of us.  Even  the  Big  Bang  theory  for  the  origin of the Universe, talks of energy – there was a lot of energy generated at that time and that resulted in the birth of life.  So  by  the same yard stick, there must be that energy in all living beings. Hence irrespective of your belief structure,  the  fact  is  that all of us our store houses of energy and it not only regenerates and heals us but channeled allows us to heal others as well.

Origin: Energy healing has its origins in time immemorial.  There  has  been  mention  of  it even in the Bible, when Jesus formed the first official “Ministry of Healers”. However it is with the advent of science and  the  discovery  of Quantum physics that there was recognition of energy as a source of power.  In  fact  The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS),  co-founded  in 1973  by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and investor Paul N.  Temple, to  encourage  and conduct research on human potentials. This research includes topics such as  spontaneous  remission,  meditation,  consciousness, alternative  healing  practices,  spirituality,  human potential, psychic abilities and survival of consciousness after bodily death.

History: For thousands of years  varied  cultures  have  seen  the human body as an energy system with the innate ability to heal itself. It is only  in recent  decades that  modern – day  physicists  have uncovered scientific evidence that supports these ancient beliefs and are doing extensive research to prove that such an energy exists.

Duration: Level 1: 3 days, Level 2: 3 days



Reiki is a Japanese healing art that was drawn essentially from Buddhist and Taoist traditions,  and synthesized  into a system by Mikao Usui.  REI   is  a  Japanese  concept  meaning “ghost – like orheavenly  spirits,”  as  found  in  Shinto  and  Buddhist  spiritual traditions.Thus, the main meaning of REI is –  “from the higher spiritual realms”. What we now call “Divine”. KI is defined as mind, spirit, or heart. What we now call “Ethereal”. Thus, putting the two together, we have: “Divine Ethereal Reiki”.  There is an infinite energy  that creates and supports all of the planets life forms.  This  energy  has  been used by many cultures in a variety of ways, like, Spiritual Healing, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Yoga. Reiki is a completely natural healing method,  which accelerates the body, mindand spirit’s healing process. The Reiki energy restores a natural sense of balance, purpose and spirituality.

Origin: It was Dr Mikao Usui, in the nineteenth century who rediscovered this almost lost art of healing. The Reiki healing system has been used traditionally throughout Japan and India since ancient times.

History:  The  system  of  Reiki  was  developed  by  Mikao  Usui  in 1922  whilst  performing Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kurama.  It is not known  for certain what Usui was  required to do during  this training, though it most likely involved meditation, fasting, chanting, and prayer.  It is claimed  that  by  a  mystical  revelation,  Usui had gained the knowledge and spiritual power to apply and attune others to what he called Reiki, which  entered  his  body  through his crown Chakra. In April 1922,  Usui  moved to Tokyo and founded the Usui Reiki Ryōhō Gakkai in order to continue treating people on a large scale with Reiki.

Duration: 1 day



A Mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal) is a gesture or position,  usually of the hands,  that  locks  and  guides  energy flow and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the  fingers  and  hands,  we  can  “talk”  to  the  body and mind as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the mind or body.

Origin:  No one knows for sure where  and  how  mudras  originated.  They  have  been  practiced  since  millenniums  across the continents.

History:  Hinduism  shows the earliest  recorded  knowledge. The earliest documentation are found in Mantra Shastra (The Book of Incantations), Upasana Shastra (The Book of Prayers) and the Nritya Shastra (The Book of Classical Dance).

Duration: 1 day



The ancient  healing  methods  incorporating  the  use of  Mantras  and  Yantras as taught by Lord Shiva. Further information on request.

Duration: Level 1:  3 days, Level 2:  3 days



Aroma  therapy  is  the  combination  of  two  words  –  Aroma  +  Therapy,  Aroma  meaning   fragrance   and   therapy   meaning treatment. Thus, Aroma therapy combines the use of essential oils with different treatments like massage. The essential oils that are used are extracted from plants and are what give the plant its fragrance.

Origin: Even  though aroma therapy, the way we know it developed only a few 100 years ago, the use of herbs and essential oils can be traced much further back to very ancient civilizations.  Through  trial  and  error  healers  in  ancient civilizations gathered the knowledge of what plant / herbs healed, which ones made the symptoms worse and which ones had no effect whatsoever, and this knowledge  was  passed  down  from  generation  to  generation.  Dioscorides,  a Greek physician,  pharmacologist  and botanist mentioned many plants/oils and their healing properties, in his De MateriaMedica, written in the first century.

History:  The use of aroma therapy spread from Egypt to Israel, China, India and the Mediterranean. Every culture, from the most backward to the most up to date, developed their own set of practices. Greek physicians and military surgeons were  employed by the Romans  everywhere  in  the  empire. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the science spread to the Arab countries, where medicine men devoted them to the bygone art of alchemy, perfecting the art of distillation and extraction

Duration: Level 1:  3 days



In a very broad sense reflexology is the  art  of  applying  pressure  to  various  reflex  points  in  the  body  to  achieve  relief  from symptoms or bring about a state of ease to the body or mind.  There  are  various  reflex  centers in the body – like hands, feet or ears. The organs,  glands,  nerves  etc. in the body are connected to the various reflex points. By stimulating those points a sense of ease/harmony can be achieved, thus enabling the body to heal itself.

Origin: Reflexology is presumed to have been first used by the Egyptians. There have been references and paintings found with a form of reflexology being administered as far back as 2500 B.C.  in the tomb of Ankhmabar,  an  Egyptian physician. In modern time there have been a number of forms of reflexology developed, researched and practiced.

History:  Around  the  world  and  throughout  history,  reflexology  has  been  rediscovered  time  and  time again. Archeological evidence points to ancient reflexology medical practices in Egypt (2330 BCE),  China (2704 BCE) and Japan (690 CE).  In the West, the concept of reflexology  began  to  emerge  in the 19th century with European and Russian research into the nervous system and reflex- think Pavlov. Reflex therapies were created as medical practices but were soon eclipsed by use of surgery and drugs.

Duration: Level 1:  3 days



This workshop teaches you a set of tools to quickly and effectively heal your mind,  body  and soul.  This  technique  requires no more than a few  minutes  each session  to  bring  about  remarkable  results  no  matter  what  problem you are faced with from common colds to heart problems, cancer, and depression.  The problems can be physical,  emotional or mental.  This technique is  a  combination  of  four   healing   modalities,   energy,   meridian   tapping,   affirmations   and  mind – body  correlations.  The combination of the four leads to a fast and efficient method of self-healing that keeps in mind the busy pace of life.

Duration: Level 1:  1 days



Burnout is a feeling of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, due to prolonged periods of stress. Stress and Burnout could lead to chronic fatigue, quickness to anger, suspicion, and susceptibility to a myriad of physical ailments such as Coronary heart disease,  Hypertension,  Kidney  Failure,  Chronic  Depression  (leading to Dementia and Alzheimer’s) to name a few.  This retreat has   specifically   been  designed   for   the  fast   paced  life  of  today’s  corporate  manager  keeping  in  mind the  stress  related environment to act as a relaxing break for the individual and to aid in prevention, control, and recurrence of Stress and Burnout.

Duration: 2 days (Out Station)