About Us

Look Beyond (Heath & Wellness) LLP  is a company started by Dr. Seema Anand in 2011. The vision of the company is to empower people with the  ability  and  strength to make their lives better  in  every  way,  mental,  physical  and  emotional,  and  this  is  done through a number of ways such as our healing services, teaching classes, counseling sessions, products division. All our products use 100%  natural  ingredients  and  have  no  chemicals or preservatives.  They  are  entirely  environmentally  friendly.  We  believe  that  everyone  can  lead a productive  life  by  developing  a  healthy  and a confident  mind. We teach people to learn  the  art  of  understanding  themselves  better and  then  leveraging  their  strengths  to  help  them  pursue a fulfilling  life  in  all  its  dimensions. Our  mission is to empower individuals through knowledge, techniques, and tools, to enable them to heal themselves and others and to evolve.



“Pay It Forward Program”

An integral part of our belief is to give back. A percentage of the profits are used towards giving vocational training and a means of livelihood to those in need through our Pay it Forward Program.